Integrate ourselves into the transparency that is the essence of our life


Consciousness fluctuates between the virtuous and the catastrophic.

The dual sense is becoming ever stronger and more evident.

In between these two extremes, a hesitant, indecisive, insecure… indolent and vain humanity fluctuates.

"Indolent", in the sense that it does not exercise action in any direction.

"Vain", in the aspect of wanting to pretend.

 In the extremes, and in between, there is a common element: the lie-concealment.

 This makes the personal history of each being... lacking in references.

 Any aspect is expressed in duality: richness-poverty, good-bad, day-night...

The Praying Call expresses itself without duality, in the sense of universality, in the consciousness of inhabitants of the Universe.

 Neither the extremes, nor the intermediary, become authentic. They are not authentic.

 By transcending them, we discover another reality.

 We do not need the safe deposit box of lies and concealments.

 We do not need to pretend what we are not. We become transparent.

And in that sense, the Prayerful Call makes us see that this transparency is the quality that made life possible. No component that constitutes life is extreme, nor is it pretending, much less lying or hidden.

 Each component is clear and transparent. And so, we manage to structure, to conjugate, to coexist, to share.

 This is how we learn about the kindness of arriving, the kindness of leaving…

 This is how we discover the respect that comes with the identity of each being.

 This is how we recognise the contribution of each one... and, as a result, we become service without profit.

Certainly, being transparent, in this passing, is not practical, not easy, not productive, not profitable, and not personally important.

The being seems to be or is "anonymous", because its reference is Creation; which it lives through the intermediation of the environment.

An environment that is all living things.

And so, it chooses the reference that best reflects the Creative Mystery.

In doing so, it exercises its transparency.

Today, the amplified vision of a being is a stooped, burdened image, that walks with difficulty that drags a load, that finds it difficult to look up...

 It seems to carry a treasure, but in reality, it carries miseries.

 That tries to hide, that tries to pretend, that is in permanent judgment, despair, condemnation...

 In the world of this passing, justifications are the norm.

 Any stance or position -any stance or position- is justified, reasoned, postponed...; and so, the being passes between... "later", "later", "later".


It is not life.

And it all developed from wanting to be important, from blaming everything around me for what happens to me, for thinking that I haven't reached the top of what I wanted...

 Because the being begins to dislike itself.

 It whips itself. It punishes and punishes itself.

 They didn't tell that it was a transparent being. That it was a formation with transparent components.

And that is what the Prayerful Call calls for: 're-consider ourselves'. To see whether we are transparent or not. It is not so difficult!, even if it is painful.

 That is a prejudice. It has to be set aside in order to become transparent. And since we are in this sense of the prayerful proposal, "out of duality", we are neither best nor worst.

 We are a transparency, like a photographic paper that has not yet been developed.

We need to enter our darkroom!... to reveal our role... and see the transparency we are.

And to be able to show it without prejudice, without fear.

Now the world is cackling about taking a selfie. And taking advantage of that image, the idea is to take a 'photo-graph' of the interior... The one that is transparent, the one that has emerged from the dark space.

In that crowd between extremes -good-bad, high-low, rich-poor-... in that crowd in which -as we said- there is indecision, there is insecurity, there is disorientation, there is vanity, there is indolence: that attitude of neglect, that attitude of "I don't care" -I do care-... in that morass, it moves in the search for remedies. But it is difficult to find them.

As long as one is in that concealment, as long as you are a pretending selfie... remedies are sought to continue like this, but you don't really look for remedies to become transparent.

That is why all remedies fail.

Despair sets in and the ‘without remedy’ appears. Discouragement sets in:

 "I have no remedy. There is no remedy! But I am not willing to change anything about who I am. I want to go on with my hump, with my dragging".


Nevertheless, there is an inner call of life that every being, whether they want to or not, listens to. And even if the picture is not developed, one can sense what the image is like.

 And each being knows the goodness that must be exercised.

 But so much weight, so much burden, closes the door.

But we must be aware -the Prayerful Call tells us- that the exercise of the virtue of each being cannot be imprisoned.

 It is a delusion thinking that there is no way out, that doors are closed, because the virtue of life does not... it has no bars!

And this is significant and transcendent, because there is no longer any justification for saying: "No, it just can't be". "No, I just can't". "No, it's just that...". No.

Assuming the revelation of my being, and my transparency, leads me to the liberation of my course, of my discourse, of my presence.

The "later, later, later", waiting, waiting, waiting... must be amplified... and it becomes 'hope'.

 And in hope we practice this revelation, this revelation that makes us leave the Off and enter the On, with the intention, with intuition, with realisation, with testimony.

Virtue has no fear. Neither the revealed. It belongs to another reality of consciousness.

The subdued consciousness runs out of resources for not freeing itself.

This is how prayer becomes the resource.

This is how we are called, and we echo:

Echo ready to resonate.

Serving echo of dedication, of enthusiasm to be revealed!

Yes. Put like this, with vehemence: "enthusiasm to be revealed".

There is no shame. There is no shyness. There is transparency.

And so, the image becomes erect..., the head looks towards the stars..., the weight dissolves, drag disappears... and the route changes.

We become what we are: universes... in a transparent flow, with remedies!

 "In a transparent flow, with remedies". Because before there were no remedies. They were all vanities.

But there is a remedy: that hopeful waiting... and that certainty that, in that dark room where it is developed, is the echo, is the original sound that gives us the liberated position of life.

It is there that piety, mercy and goodness take refuge.

There, in that revelation, we feel worthy!... under the shelter of the Creator Mystery.

May this 'waiting-despair' become hope.

May we truly be willing to integrate ourselves into the transparency that is the essence of our life.

And may we be replicating echoes of the original sound.

Let us be continuous amen and 'love'.





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