There is a sound of… pain, suffering, shortage, hunger… 

There is a sound of… suffering, in the species: wars, migrations, and threats from the powerful, new and old fears that bloom.

It seems as if the Universe had already left… and we have stayed in a place, still!, waiting for our own holocaust.

Because the years pass, the generations pass, and emerges the repeated… obsessive acts, indecisions, darkness, desperation…

It seems to us -"it seems to us"- at first glance, that it would be very exaggerated… to narrate that humanity is in all these processes. But… when we approach any spot… and we contemplate the concerns, the obsessions, the grudges, and the prejudices… 

And we are talking about places that are at peace -at peace?-, who have resources, who do not migrate, who have work… 

But as we get closer to the beings that catch their bus or their tram, who go in the subway or that take their vehicle, those who care and cut the lawn, those who preserve the hope of being able to have a decent pension when they retire…, if this happens in the best of cases, and those are the concerns, it does appear that the Universe has left. It got tired of waiting for us!... and has left us here, suspended, anchored! For the lack of courage, because of the lack of passion, because of a lack of resolve, because of the lack of 'risk'!... Because of the fear of failure, because of the instinct of power -which, in not being achieved, makes the being feel a failure-.

Has it really left us here, the Universe, and it has gone?

There are sounds, there are rumours. And among those sounds and rumours that we have just heard, there is also a radiation, a vibration!, a basis… -a base radiation, a base vibration- in the form of Pleading.

 Radiation… Vibration… Pleading.

It is… the act to surrender to the situation that moves us, to the situations that concern us.

But surrender in the sense of… creating new situations that, assuming previously that there are, are able to generate novelties.

There is no place for the complaint, because one would have to complain about oneself. 

Now!… there is no one to blame… because, if this were done, each one would be guilty.

Pleading that, in addition to surrendering, in addition to accepting, in addition to seeking a new perspective, a different consciousness, in addition they express sorrow!

Yes; perhaps it is a sorrow for “knowing” that, what hurts, to a large extent we are responsible, as humanity; we are the ones that produce this disturbance. And it brings us… sorrow.

Because maybe I cant assign it to me!, but for sure I can identify others that, humans like oneself, have developed this facet of accomplishments, conquests, gains, oppressions, punishments, persecution…

And sorrow! Sorrow because, having the resources for joy, sharing, happiness, listening, complaisance… it has been left toward sectors of… almost madness. "Almost madness".

Pleading that also has a tint of… misbelief; a tint of scarce faith. But, as humanity, we are bound to that instance.

There is also, in this pleading, certain disenchantment.

In addition, there is a pale hint of colour  -not a blush of vitality-… decadent!

And also reigns, as a flashing light, to feel incapable, declaring oneself useless, renouncing ones…


And passed, and perhaps still even passes … the Creative brilliance; that leaves, in its passing, a kiss full of verses, so that we can continue…

It is likely that even!, for Mercy!, it waits one more second.

Ay!... Tremble, the lives tremble … they don't feel welcome, but also do not welcome.

Ay! And the loves tremble that, for moments, wakes up –for moments-… but that will soon be hidden.

Hidden in lamentations, they are heard… It’s hard to remember why, but they are there, as a beat that marks the rhythm.

Perhaps, accompanying… this pleading, a tear swells.

It feels shame.

The bodies… weigh a little bit more! The pleading, for moments becomes… dense.

And a… a languid tone, but with a sigh!, culminates the pleading.

"A languid tone, but with a sigh, culminates the Pleading".




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