In the face of fear, discouragement and indifference


Discouragement, fear, and indifference are taking over the general attitudes of humanity nowadays.

Discouragement, for not being able to have the possibility of self-realization, working, traveling, living together...

Permanent fear for the necessary resources, because of the threats of permanent overwhelming news, for the growing and increasing mistrust.

And a small, but growing fraction of indifference. Yes, the one who does not cling to discouragement or fear but tries to exercise itself as "before"; as "before"... the arrival of fear.

In these three tides, with greater or lesser incidence, humanity is agitated. A humanity certainly agitated, restless, insecure and distrustful.

And the Call to Prayer warns us of this situation, under the indication to assume other positions that... even though minimal, even if they are minimalist and low productive in principle, emerge under sensible feelings, under evident "knowledges"; and under the transcendental influence of the Creative Mystery, give us a different perspective.

These tides of fear, of discouragement, of indifference... feel vulnerable.

And we should ask ourselves: "Isn't the life of the being –as it is conceived, as it is lived- highly vulnerable?”.

If we pay a little attention to the environment in which we move, between information, economy, ambition, desire, possession, profit, pain... Are they enough to demonstrate our vulnerability?

But!... under the Prayer Sense, that frightened discouragement and that indifference without solutions, when we remember... -yes, we remember but without exercising- that of: Our Help is the Name... of the Creator Mystery...

And we could say without much doubt, or rather, without any doubt, that a sign that it is our help, is exactly the daily consciousness of vulnerability; of discovering oneself and feeling oneself in that infinite Universe, in a place that we could say "lost", but nevertheless we are! And are we due to our capacity, our resources, our means? Or are we due to a providentially loving help, which preserves us, keeps us, takes care of us... and makes us aware of this evidence?

And yes -yes- to the extent that we feel that Our Help is the Name of the Creator Mystery, vulnerability dissolves, strength flourishes, flexibility develops, the indispensable and necessary appears.

No, it is not an easy task, it is not easy to transmit it... First, to live it!, show it. And then transmit it to those who are in that swell, in that heavy sea. But the option of doing so from an incipient prayer project different from those three factions, goes through demonstrating that life has an original sustenance that can be exercised by any means. To know it. To know it...

Also knowing that our environment is not an enemy; even if by its exercise of life, due to our continuous transgressions to that environment, it becomes... harmful to us.

But the struggle of the being with the environment is absolutely sterile. 

Yes; because it would need to be in permanent sterility. And that is not possible.

But, without a doubt, this position has been assumed by the species as another exercise of dominance, of the dominant. And before any... -before "any"- difficulty, it uses violence as its only weapon. And it despises that adaptation, that flexibility that dialogue, that "living in respect" of the environment, in the care of the living.

Consequently, the living, inspired by the Creator Mystery, becomes prevalent. And violence fails as a defence, when we should be defending ourselves from nothing. Life has developed in a symbiosis of services between different forms of life. And thanks to the solidary compensation between some beings and others, life becomes complex and more and more qualified. But if a species -like humankind- acquires prevalence and dominance, it sets off the alarms, undoes the solidarity and wields the dictatorship of the most violent.

Therefore, in this prayerful proposal, besides trusting in our intrinsic nature of adaptation, it is necessary to change this attitude of attack, this attitude of violence.

And with that consciousness of our capability, and with those variables of attitudes to the environment, we could hope to realize that all this is given thanks to the Creator Mystery. We must transcend all this.

And that is when we discover -in those three facets, that it is actually one!- "Our Help is"...; but to make it communicable, understandable, experimentable on a daily basis, and useful tool! -a useful tool- before discouraged people, fearful, before those indifferent: to be able to "argue" about our resources and about our being in life.

And may this lead us to the consciousness of the Universe, into the consciousness of Creation, whatever criteria we should apply in that case. But knowing that we are... permanently cared after. Knowing that the conditions have been created –beyond our strength and our capacity- for the event of life to happen, in the magma of that rushing Universe; that beyond the wind and the light, it is moving and moving.

They say, with increasing certainty, that a meteorite ended the life of the giant saurian that inhabited our planet. Are we sure that something similar can happen and end life on this planet? None! No certainty! No calculation of possibilities could "assure us that...".

Talking from our own knowledge as humanity, we are totally submitted, vulnerably exposed to the variables of the Universe: in its movement, in its activities... And although the astrophysicists want to fix it very much, guaranteeing us that... "Well, the convulsive times have already passed... and the possibilities of situations from that times are minimal", they are only criteria of ignorant power, since when we dare -from the knowledge of man- to explain this Creator Universe, we run out of words. And the only thing we can say in advance are theories and theories, hypotheses, suggestions... all of them founded on a logical reason, on a speculatively reason adapted to what "we want it to be".

And under our experimentation and our system of knowing, we manipulate the event, in its interpretation, and we give it a fictitious vision. To be honest, this is how IT IS; although, in a reassuring spirit, we adopt "scientific"… explanations -in quotations marks- that would justify our planetary safety.

But... perhaps without going so far, it is relatively easy to see that vulnerability of the being is astonishingly great, especially when one is not under "the Help of". And all beings have experienced those moments of fear, pain, unpredictability, and unexpected events that leave us without resources; and many people, in the face of this, assume the only dignified way out: suicide. A astonishingly egomaniacal vanity.

Other people take on the permanent battle among themselves and everything around them. 

But the vulnerable remains.

But when we are in the face of the Help!... any event is seen, felt and perceived as part of that help, as an expression of that help. And when we realise this, what we have to face, what we have to experience, in short, will have a dignified, favourable and surprising evolution.

Because the Help of the Creative Mystery is unfathomable, because its influences are kind, because even if the situation is very tight, when "Our Help", in consciousness, is present, the solution will appear; it will happen "naturally"... the necessary thing to be able –without power- to fulfil ourselves without the vulnerable consciousness, without the sense of fragility, and with the sense of "mediate": of being links, of being intermediaries of the Creative message.

And so the right words, the right attitude, the honest communication, the preserved intimacy, the generous sharing, and clarity!, will appear... in relationships, in interpretations.

And so our own resources will be increased, with suitable adaptogens, with the flexibility required. That way we will certainly be able to exercise a relationship with the environment that is rewarding, respectful, admirable!

We invoke that Help, that Help of the Creator Mystery... to assume in consciousness that permanent and eternal relationship. So that we may really feel the likeness and the creative image in us... and fear may disappear, discouragement may become spirited... and indifference may become creative, original.




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