And as humanity, as a species, we are in a transition that maintains ancient coordinates of power, violence, domination... as characteristics that appeared globally in the development of human consciousness.

But we are also, transiting in a coexistence, in a restless, insecure, indecisive relationship, with fear, with a tendency to disillusionment, to disenchantment; seeing misfortune, martyrdom, tragedy..., and becoming blind to enthusiasm, illusion, fantasy, poetry and beauty.

One could say that a lack of love tinges the vibration of the species, due to the repetitive lies, due to consequent deceptions, with lack of promises and the indolence of impunity.

That indolence of impunity that is created in the societies in which we live, in which insults and taunts are used as the norm of freedom; in which rights to eugenics, euthanasia, abortions, sedation and other methods of elimination are established, stipulated as "rights", which can be exercised by anyone and can be exercised by the powerful.

The 'detachment' of the being, in its primitive facets as a species, expands.

All of this is collected for us by the Prayerful Call, so that we can incorporate it...; incorporate it as the elements that deteriorate, lessen, undermine and threaten the faith of the being, hope, the consciousness of living... as an unprecedented, unusual expression, in an absolutely unknown Universe.

Obviously, under our tiny vision of a prism, has been organised, for some mysterious reason, in a place like here -in this round dish- what we call "life".

Although we are transiting in these aspects, it is no less true that the seeds germinate, wind sways, dawn appears, stars tinkle, seas make their waves, mountains create their ice... and the biodiversity of flora and fauna becomes resistant to all the insults that, in our productive and profitable expansion, as a species, we devastate... land, sea and air.

It is at this stage in which, as a species, as individuals, as people, we must pay attention... to the fact that life becomes and is generous, expansive, revolutionary, enabling, adaptable, supportive...

We should activate in ourselves all those potentialities around us, because we belong to all of it.

Due to evolution of its capabilities, the being has felt different!; due to conviction of the dictates of religions, philosophies, thoughts, it has felt superior, with the right to control, to destroy, to manipulate, to improve life. And it has established plans for the betterment of its life, even though it has had to change them again and again, to the point that today it still does not know what it should eat.

From the moment the being feels privileged, praised by Creation -according to its own revelations, under expressly egomaniacal and hedonistic interpretations-, a permanent and constant attitude of combat, of domination, is established.

And being a species of life, and with the capacity to discover -and, consequently, with the resources to tune in to all living things- it does the opposite and makes power over it.

And that is what, under that situation, the Prayerful Call calls us, so that we assume the situation, but to recognise our position as supreme ignoramus.

And, under our conscience, emissaries of remedies.

And, consequently, given what is going on now, let us give another answer... and we could interpret what is happening, without the warlike framing of the contras, of inhibiting, punishing, controlling.

"Reformat" -as in today's language, or applied to today's language- our words. And in the face of a phenomenon or event, not to apply systematically “bad", "good", "against", "the struggle"...

How is it possible that we are fighting a myriad of diseases?

What countless diseases do other living things struggle with? No, they don’t.

But, in our case, to the extent so-called "knowledge" increases, the number of sick people increases.

And one might wonder whether this awareness of illness, which we try to call -and we call it- "a healthy adaptation" -among other ways, to find the appropriate language- "adaptive health"…

Because, under whatever criteria we evaluate, that is how we will consider what happens.

Besides, not content with our warlike evaluation of our surroundings, when we contemplate the little bit of the universe that we know, all the interpretation is based on collisions, explosions…

Galaxies are fighting each other. We don't know who is winning, but... there they are.

There is no... -we could say, generalising- there is no subject in which war, fighting, is not applied: in politics, in economics, in religion, in coexistence, in performance, in beliefs.

It's even... not boring, but anxiously desperate. Because there are other ways "of", but...

The big "but" is that these other forms hardly ever express. And sometimes, when they do it, they timidly manifest themselves; they do it without the strength of conviction, as if asking for forgiveness for the virtue; as if asking for forgiveness and apologies for not being loaded with insults, criticism and... catastrophic visions.

And so, one comes to the conclusion that "there is no other choice ".

There is no other choice, no other remedies?

Perhaps, if we had thought that there were no remedies for certain situations, we would still have monthly cholera or other infected situations.

If we had not realised that cleanliness is necessary and water must be immaculate, we would not have been here long ago.

But, yes, we have realised it.

And this awareness should drive us to manage language and searching, without the interpretation and without the winning vision of achievement and conquest.

The same powers that speculate and control and dominate are the same ones that provide movements for ecology, peace... "etcetera".

The same. So only a few –a few!-, a few beings, of small groups that see the situation differently, without being dependent "on", but aware of being surrounded.

Because the same people who generate advanced progressivism, naturism, ecologist, etc., they are promoted, all of them, by the same people who maintain the established, the dominated, the controlled.

The Prayerful Call places us, consequently, among those few beings that are searching for their identity. Their identity as life of Universe. Their identity as constancy of harmony, of balance.

Fears, warnings, threats, in all circumstances, are there to warn us that any movement, any attitude, any position, any action, can be labelled "of".

And with the fear that they might denounce you, punish you, fine you, they might.... With all these fears, the being gets paralysed and lives to defend itself against them. And it enters into combat.

It is true that one has to know in which magma I move, of course!, but without feeling guilty, without feeling attacked.

To propose myself in goodness, in development, in the virtue of service and doing.

The beings are so concerned about whether this can be done or not, whether this is legal or not, whether this is allowed or not, that they end up paralysed in a bureaucracy... and end up piling up their projects.

 To commend oneself to the designs of Providence, amplifying the common feeling in our actions, without longing fear of... the environment, which is not only there to watch over us, but which also has its action.

Under that attitude of cultivating the word, of being, of being 'un-afraid', of removing the burden of persecution and punishment, without being a challenge. No.

It is difficult to work out the vital signs of a species.

It is evident that the vitality of life, in its universal sense, is... huge!

The little we can know about life shows us a totally solvent capacity. But it is true that... species appear and disappear by different actions. And "disappearing" does not mean that they cease to exist, but that they exist in another way and manner, incorporated into other forms and other structures.

If we are in Eternity and Infinity, something that is not eternal and infinite cannot be produced.

As it is said that "one should not ask for pears from the elm tree". The elm tree does not produce pears. For eternal life does not give life-death; it does not end life. But it is true that, in the different transits -as we have said in the prayerful alert at the beginning- they are there, and now they seem to be more abundant.

Preserving the little bit of common feeling, of sincere dedication, of balanced, creative coexistence.

Fleeing from fear of threat... because conviction of what one believes in.

Waking up to a new dawn, which has always been new, but... which has been considered as static, still...

The new dawn of consciousness, that if we compare it with the luminous dawn of our position in the Universe, is always different. And consequently, our consciousness, in the dawn of wakefulness, must have enough -and it does!- resources to adapt, balance itself, harmonise itself...

And not, a warrior awakening of defence, a warrior awakening of complaint, a warrior awakening of prejudice and criticism.

The little bit is not a privilege.

Due to its smallness, it seems that it does not influence or act, but life is expansive integration, and any small movement is reflected... through the wind of time.

Nothing that happens is without effect.

The carat is not big, it is very small, but it gives a great value the shining of the stone.

To make, from that bit, a carat that shines...

An assumption of oneself as a true intermediary...

With the mission to practice, to express, to transform the message into realization... on a daily basis.

On a day-to-day basis, yes, because life goes on, it doesn't wait.

Yet we must be disciples of hope, which includes waiting; but a waiting that neither demands nor imposes, but simultaneously follows the passing.

The simultaneous must be considered permanently.

May we, under the protection of the Higher Goodness emanating from Providence, generate that attitude of humility and submission to our potentiality, with sufficient beauty and art... to develop ourselves as pious.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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