Grow the consciousness of Universe


As well as grand attributes -more of amplified literature than of experiences-, the being, throughout time… and with its experience of the universe has… Created -permitting the word- its habitat, it's manner and way; not only in communities, countries… -no!-, but also in the intimacy of its stay -be it whatever it be-.

In reality, except for experiences more or less remote and more or less trustworthy, rarely the being -as humanity- has let itself be led by life, as an “extraordinary experience of the Creation” in this universe.

It seems as if… -perhaps trusting in its intelligence- it seems as if it has stayed with the idea of a “created” being, and this has given him the power to create. And he recreates -he doesn't create; he recreates- conditions, according to his stellar genetics. And one lives with the room closed; the other, lives with the room open; one believes in… And the other one doesn’t… The most minimum obedience converts into a drama, and the demand of the “contrary” seems to be a law. There are exceptions, yes, but… the laws of the “minimum effort” and the “maximum profit”, the “greatest loot possible”, and the “most minimum contribution” -the just enough-. And, of course, the “responsibilities and the rest”, stay in a secondary level.

This -which is not simply an opinion, but it is a praying criterion so that we enter into determined areas- we could say are events that nowadays!, are lived… in this place of the Universe.


And be it in continents, states, places, or whatever other configuration or contingency, there are the personal and group “dementias” that… we dare to call them dementias because they are due to the usual and systematic disturbance that is produced, or are produced amongst everyone, and that damage the… possibility -the possibilities- of life.

Maybe -and this is what the praying sense wants us to see- maybe, the moment has arrived to grow our consciousness of Universe and put it to use in our kidnapped life -recreated personal life-, and to promote ourselves in… in levels of co-operation, of consensus, towards a… not only “better”, but an evident march forward, without possibilities of relapse.


What is certain is, that after so many generations kidnapping life and recreating it to the taste and similarity of each one, it is not easy to open oneself to a consciousness of Universe, of belonging to infinity, with its origin in eternity, to recreate oneself -from the Nothing- with the emptiness and the vacuity.

Yes! Here also could be the idea that these are “grandiloquent words” and you can't “live together”. But that isn't true. There are sufficient exceptional and living examples, that show us that yes it is possible… to “live together” with an amplified consciousness, of a universal character, and to break loose from “being re-creative”, egotistical and personal… that usually is manipulated, and normally crashes, bump etc.


And in the prayer we are warned -because there are sufficient signs, and evidence- that man in his re-creation, and his kidnapping of life, wears out; becomes desperate. He touches the ceiling, and the floor comes closer all the time. He loses his stellar reference. And without this -which some have summed up in religions, and in… philosophies or political or economic thoughts-, without this references… - which we have seen, those that there have been, are not as such references, but they have been assigned as such- without this reference it is not possible to follow life, and let yourself be taken by it, to learn from its capacities, it's infinite resources;but in not having this reference, the being wears out in his own necessary egotism, he becomes an addict to the drug of hedonism, of the personal importance, and the search for his own maniac cultivation, “his own!”

And it turns out that, it isn't so difficult –at least in theory- to situate yourself in this universe; not only to orientate yourself with the sun, the stars… but, inside the mystery of the mysterious, we can know that we are -in the beginning, up to what we know- an unusual event, exceptional in the creation, that we call “life”, that is suspended in an infinite universe -like this we describe it-, eternal, in continuous expansion, growth and development. And also we have sufficient evidence that throughout generations, the being has grown, has developed and has reached different levels, both of knowledge and capacity of permanence.


In the proposal of understanding and noticing that the being is an expression of the so-called “life” -and, as a consequence, an incredible being-, the need is considered that each time -each time- that the intelligence of our “usual” consciousness considers a position, a realization, a posture, an attitude… each time that this happens, before establishing a strategy and action, think about “universe”, think about “useful habitants of a Creation”; consider what this is going to suppose for the person itself, what it is going to suppose for the community to which it belongs -family, friends…; and a long etc.-, what is it going to suppose, this decision of “intelligent mania”, for the rest, and for its presence in this universe. This, isn’t precisely -the latter that we have said-, a conceited question, but evident! -For as small as it may be-.

Think, feel, and act “in universe”. Then, we will be able to live the “living Mystery”, in such a vital, sensitive, enjoyable way!, capable of dissolving the permanent transgression and… and to grow this communion of projects and ideas, novelties…


To contemplate in a meditative way our tendencies, our influences, the influences in which we are immersed, could take us -without a lot of difficulty- to the evidence that… the species itself manages, manipulates, deteriorates… because of not maintaining the reference of a amplified consciousness… in what we will call “Consciousness of Universe”, “Stellar Consciousness”. This would be the first step to wake up!, and it would flood all of our searching and discovering, making possible the insertion of our species into the dynamic of life, and to feel part of it!

Be life that promotes for its own nature of mystery, and not to be life for my own clumsy intelligence, maniac and… rational!



The Creation, with its Mysterious Breath, submerges us in the Mystery, it makes us “mystics” of life… who learn and gather its incredible presence, and we let ourselves be moulded…; and, in this way, we listen to the senses of the Creation and its strategies and projects.

And like this is how we reference ourselves and we become conscious!... of our unlimited, infinite, eternal “being” of an “immortal” nature.

And it is like this how we can exercise it!... in the consciousness, from the smallest details, up to those that seem to be more important.

The mystery is evident. The Breath consistent. The Creation is inescapable.

There is nothing to demonstrate. It is the “Nothing”, that is at our disposition so that we are sufficiently empty to be able to write in our book of life: write the why of our presence and the need of our complicity. And, like this, become participants of an indispensable, necessary and pleasurable solidarity interaction between all of the living material.



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