Analgesia, Anaesthesia, Sedation


It is possible that what is promoted, what is announced surreptitiously, what is insinuated in one way or another... is a state of emotional analgesia; at other times, a state of spiritual anaesthesia; a sedation of reactions.

Has a repetitive ”quarantine” been declared to the modifications of a sensitive living, of an emotional living, of an excited… or consciously sore living?

This analgesiaanaesthesiasedation... is infiltrated into the simplest tasks, the most inoffensive customs, festivities or traditions. The truth is that... we could say that the panorama –as if we had a panoramic vision of the species- is veiled, tampered, altered... and in that state of analgesia of a part of our being, or anaesthesia, or sedation of the whole being: "No answer, no matter what happens".

If we look at the capacity of social response, we can see it is systematically directed… As it is happens right now with the festive day of the dead and the saints... and no one resurrected: a visit to the cemetery –if anything, huh?- and to consume; to making of the being a maelstrom.


What could have happened before –not long ago- that irritated social sensibility –there was a response from the spontaneous opinion- is not there! Of course, it has been disappearing... little by little but vertiginously.

The Praying Sense warns us of the insensitivity promoted from the instances... of power –of course-, of philosophizing, of governing, of ordering... And any scandal can be promptly today’s news, promptly, but that is it! That is it! It is not assumed that what happened might have a transcendent significance. No it doesn’t. It seems that... before any difficulty or expression of opinion, you have to flee: "Run away, run away, run away to comfort! Flee to no conflict. Escape from any confrontation; of something that might... "

The opinion becomes so tenuous, so little... we were about to say "convincing", but it doesn’t even reach that option.

Opinions, tastes, traditions… are for selling and buying.

And it is no longer just a transposition of words. No. It's not just that. It is the expression of sentences that today condemn, and after some time they exonerate from any possibility.

The sensation upon awakening of that analgesia, anaesthesia, sedation, is like being in another profile of activities... that hurts!, that cuts!

And it is not easy to be free of that constant impulse.

Hence, the prayer emphasizes about the necessary concern!... for being awake.

We do not want anaesthesia. We do not want analgesia. We do not want sedation.

We want vibration... of burning passion!, of conviction and sincere expression.

And it is curious: in that amorphous social and cultural reaction, radicalisms are also established... so easily that draws attention. And it draws attention even more, because in another time that would have been rejected and replicated in some way. And now it doesn’t.

Everything, not only "seems" controlled, but "it is" controlled.

And when a non-radical variable –and we should pay attention to this- appears, shows itself, insinuates itself..., it is phagocytized, it is hidden, it is dimmed.

On the other hand, if it is something impetuously known –right?-, it is heard for a moment, without any reason, and then it is left to be... to be part of the general sedation.

So the prayer ones become "hurtful nostalgic" who find difficult to persevere; because the tendency is to flee permanently from any uncomfortable situation.

Instead of seeking meditative, contemplative, prayerful help... we seek the filter, of the inexpressive, of the not debatable.

Prayer claims to be avant-garde!... that keeps, that offers, that relieves, that helps! And it alerts and alarms us!

Severely injured, it is not convenient to fall asleep. You will lose the alerts, the alarms and the attentions, and you will lose yourself into the 'insinuating' thread... of silence.

So you have to reanimate! You must…:

"Hey! No! Do not fall asleep! Hold your wounds, squeeze your pain, but do not sleep... Wait with your sweats and tremors. Breathe and feel alive! The help is present!... ".


Soft... the dawn appears, as if it were any other day...

But, it is not!


"Normal" appears... what at first seems to be going to happen.

It is the mistake! of everyday.

If you know about the passing... and you lack the amazement to discover... what is the meaning of living?


Tenuous, habitual, costumbrist, the tendencies of correct affections are shown.

Oh!... Cold skins that don’t feel the heat... nor the cold that seeks help!


The day is not offered... it is not offered tired, but the being... becomes a haze, nowadays, and tends to live already exhausted!, when it hasn’t started yet!

Let them open!...  let open the pores of sweat; let the  hands  tremble of... the hair, to ventilate the skin and make us feel receptors of everything that arrives, of everything that is!...

Touching the colours... smelling the sounds... looking at the dark...




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