Throughout life, we find ourselves with... different manifestations that ask us; or maybe they don't ask us, but -for gossip- we ask. And now it rains, for example… Why does it rain now? But the rain does not ask us: “Do you know why… I came?”

No! Maybe we are the meddlers in that which happens in our surroundings, and “we ask”.

And the fact is that, the human hegemony usually says: “And the man asks what his origin is, his… this and that, and to where does he go and...”

Evidently, in asking oneself this question, we have to have, or to search for an answer. Or rather, if you like, aseptically, we have an equation, and we have to do discover the incognita, -that normally is the “X”, right?-

Answers -throughout the history of the humanity- concerning whatever situation, there has been of all kinds.

Maybe –maybe- never the human being has been correct... in something. Never!


We know why it rains. We know how the rain is gestated. But why does a cloudy front with a squall appear…? No. Because, maybe, the... have moved? But, when we ask ourselves, a little bit behind what is hapening, we are left without answer. But we give answers!...

For example, the origin of this Universe itself -of this, of this- of this neighbourhood of the cosmos: if it was the big bang… -it couldn’t be in a different way, it has to be an explosion-…

Not the entire world is in agreement, eh? But generically it is what reigns, and what dominates. And always, obviously, arises the question: “and before “of”... what?”.

Maybe -and in this we have to pay a lot of attention- maybe never he has been correct in “something” because... you don't have to be correct. Because we have to assume other possibilities or postures… to precisely not get continually stuck in the same error.

There are no answers. There are positions, postures… that permit development; that permit adaptations; that permit transitory knowledge; that impede dogmatisms; that don't open to the absolute –in this possessive sense, which is humanly conceptualised by our species-.

In this way we could say that, each time we give an answer, we collapse all of the possibilities and we are left with one.

In not contemplating the rest, the position of exclusion of the others shows clearly that the chosen one is false. Why? Because if we had adopted a positioning, the others would remain alive and stable! But like this, as we have given an answer, we have annulled all of the other options.


You will see. There is an image that maybe can clear this up even more:

Once upon a time… there was a being that had a daisy –a flower!- and she asked if she loved or she didn't love… the Prince. And so she began to pluck the daisy:

“I love him, I don't love him; I love him, I don't love him; I don't love him, I love him; I don't love him-was the last answer-.

That was the answer: “I don't love him”.

She was left so content and triumphant because the answer had been found thanks to the Divine influence…

Because it hadn't been because of her reason or her logic, although afterwards, mathematically, according to where you begin and the petals that it has, it is known what is going to come out. But well, let's forget this. To understand what I want to bring up.

Once the Princess was convinced… that the answer was the right one, she contemplated her daisy… and saw that now it wasn't a daisy. An answer had arrived, but she was left without a daisy, and so the answer was not correct; because an answer that is based in the negation of all of the rest is a false answer. Because, I insist: in the consciousness that we suggest… the answer is demanding, racist and xenophobic; it takes away the rest.

For this reason, the praying proposal is to “position” oneself. I position myself faced with a situation, but I don't annul any of the options that I see… that there are.

I can’t annihilate the daisy!


It doesn’t matter what position –maybe this will also contribute as an example- has the moon, for us. Now it is waning. So we would say: “The moon is waning”? Answer:

-How is the moon?

-The moon is… waning.

No! The moon is in the waning position, but it continues to be full, new, and waxing. The moment will arrive in which it is, but it is not waning? It is in the waning position. I don’t exclude the other options -that in this case I know exist and that are going to arrive-.

Without doubt the answer has always culminated in the “club of the exclusives”… of the Silver, sapphire credit card, underground or... or belong to the “Bilderberg club”… Or I don’t know, to whatever other exclusivity.

Take a look at the word: “exclusive”. It excludes everything else. It excludes whatever other position. It arises as the protagonist, and of course, tries to control, manage, manipulate, etc.


It is one way… -so that we can understand more the state of consciousness in which we are- it is one form to annihilate other worlds, because they are not liked, because they are not wanted…

For example, the rich annihilate the poor -although they live off them-; but they don't want to be poor; they don't live together with the poor; they don't have the problems of the poor. The poor don't have the problems of the rich; they aspire to be rich.

But, if you take a look -it doesn't matter which position occupies each one- they exclude the rest. As a consequence we see that the procedure of thought, faced with whatever situation, becomes radical, absolutist, excluding, elitist…; it doesn't know how to position itself, which is the praying suggestion of today- positioning, not resolute; not of answers…

Because we are left without daisies! We are left without moons!...


So we could say that the position of consciousness of continually asking... is an erroneous position. It is not a universalistic position; it is not a contemplative position; it is not a creative position.

-What music do you like?

-I like reggae

-And what more?


-Reggae... but, well... yes, but...


We go to another one and...

-What music do you like?

-I like classical music. Everything else seems to me like hogwash.

-It seems like what…?

-Hogwash! Well… hogwash.


All of these are being left without daisies, eh? They are finishing the daisies.

-Hey!, what music do you like?

-Rock 'n' roll.

-And the rest?

-Rock 'n' roll. Is there is something more than rock 'n' roll? I am a child of rock 'n' roll.

-Rock and roll... ah! Look! I didn't know that this couple reproduced so much!

And like this it happens when you speak to somebody that -for example- likes rock 'n' roll, you say:

-Hey, look, I believe that to compose better, musically, a rock 'n' roll, you have to listen to Beethoven, Stravinsky -Igor Stravinsky- and,if you don’t mind, Tchaikovsky! 

So... if we are willing to position ourselves, not to respond, maybe we could travel -as the Astros travel, as the stars travel, as the Universe travels- through a mystery that overwhelms us.

We can’t be left without daisies, because the field won’t open faced with our steps. Nobody will give us the welcome.

We won’t be left without… our moon! That, although it is a leftover of an explosion, maybe it is also the expression -as it has been- of so many poems!, of so many suggestions!, of so many and so many examples!

Because, also, -without doubt- the planet, without the moon would be very different.

And it is like this how the human species has created its worlds. And each one creates its world: “this is my world”; “I seek refuge in my world”; “because I have my world”... And the species makes life to its image and similarity.

And, of course!, only… -take a good look, take a good look, please- only exists -with this permanent answer: “without positioning”- only exists, for living together, the combat. Nothing else can exist! Because I have excluded the rest of the options! And others have elected one of these that I have excluded. And so for me it is not valid!, it is not good! Later, when we meet, we can't come to an agreement; we will not be able to share!

The only way to be close is... making war. The only way to look at each other is to hate!; to be vengeful. Because the choice of one and the choice of the other has been radical! It has excluded the rest!

Because I feel that today it is like this, doesn't mean that today is like this.

-Ah, but for me!...

-“For you!”… What class of ruthless louse are you, who dare to say: “because for me…”? But do you want to stop being a louse? -We don't have anything against the louses; they are animals-.

But like this functions the species: with an absolutely demoralising egotism, disproportionate, warlike crazy.

And all the time more tolerant and more tolerant, faced with radicalisms… of whatever type!


The Mysterious Creative Breath suggests to us, with the praying sense that we don't fall into this temptation of power and of apparent bravery. “Apparent”. In the end it is a terrible cowardliness… for being incapable of assuming contemplative universal positions.

And it is better to kidnap yourself and go to flat 57 of the C tower of the northern neighbourhood of... Shanghai -for example-

-And there I will be peaceful. There nobody knows me. There I can do what I want. Yes.

-Yes…? Sure…? How much time will it take for you to feel as an unbearable scrounger amongst so many Chinese?, one week, one month, two?


If you take a look -take a good look -there are not many opportunities of this!, eh? Take a good look- if you look, whatever answer that you have given to whatever thing, has driven you to a certain degree –“a certain degree”- of un-comfortableness or desperation. If you add up all of the certain degrees of un-comfortableness or desperation, you will discover yourselves as desperate beings. And desperately looking for answers, and answers, and answers!... to become the dominator of the Universe.

How terrible!...


The human being is not an answer.

The human being is a position inside of the Creation, with the nature of life, which passes… “towards”, “in”, “with” and “for” a Mystery.

The more answers given… the more ignorant will be.

When I adopt more positioning, the more universal I will be; and more I will perceive… in where I am found; towards where I gravitate.


When we clear up the incognita, and we give an answer... we are left with a fiction. We are left with fiction… that many times comes imposed by the environment, but many other times it is because of our state of consciousness.

Like this, with an imposed imposition, with a given answer, what can be seen?

-Ah! But now I don't see what I didn’t like!

-And what more…? What more have you stopped to see?

-Ah! But, was there something more?


Take a look how not even mathematics, with its positioning of exactness, is capable of resolving the surface area of a circle, and it has to resort to a “constant” -that's to say, “something so that it fits”-; a false answer.

Without this constant it is not capable of clearing up the incognita.


The answer is similar to taking away the feathers from a bird… and to put it in a cage, and to expect that it sings.



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