The being has taken over life


Today, living has become a routine, or -in the most demanding case- discipline and organization.

Today, living has become mechanical, automatic and... manipulated.

Today, living is assumed to be... a passage of "forecasts", in which it is predicted what time this or that will happen...

 Today, living has been manufactured for us... like a boring trance.

Today, living always has in mind its... end.

Today, living has as reference… death.

 And under these premises, life as an exceptionality, as incredible, as fascinating, as fantastic, as different, as..."singular", exceptional, is collected in pages of poetic prose or in fanciful manias or delirious manias... without material support.

Today, almost, almost, almost, the human being feels that he has created life and, consequently, he imposes his coordinates and... its end.

Obviously, if life lives in the Creation of an unfathomable and mysterious Universe, and its meaning is to disappear, to die, it really is... a farce.

 Could there be anything more farcical and false than... having an event, in an unlimited Creation, with an end…?; that has setbacks, difficulties, dramas!, tragedies!,  diseases!, deteriorations!, wars, hunger!...? Could there be a farce!... so big?

There is.

 And there is because the being has taken over life. The human being of evolution has taken over life! He has made it his. And it can be heard on every side or corner!: "It's my life, and with my life I do what I think is convenient: I hit, I mistreat, I do drugs, I get drunk, I kill myself, I abort, I hit!... It's my life!".

It may be difficult to realize this evidence, but from the moment when the consciousness of the being affirms that it is -life- a personal property, and he can do with it what he wants!, at that moment he has cut off all links with the Creation; he has cut off all contact with life!... in its multiplicity of forms and manifestations.

 That's why! That's why he does not care that daily, life is terminated by the action of human activity.

That's why he does not care!... that some people have to go hungry so that others get rich and live in abundance.

That's why he does not care... about the misfortune of others: because he produces it. If sometimes he does care, that’s because the poor are always very grateful, because they depend on you, on your alms!, on your leftovers! -not on your "deeds"; on your "leftovers"-.

And so they stay, discovering that truly life is blood, sweat and tears. That there is nothing more!

How? How could this evil species have made, life, its own!? And not only that, but seize the lives of others!... Live off the lives of others!: killing them, cloning them, reproducing them...

 Not even the remotest depths are oblivious to fish consuming plastic in the abyss, for example.

Ok. But in prayer, we are not going to stay in the state of mind that we belong to an evil species! Because if we stay in that judgement, we will never leave that skilful trap that the very human has created to usurp!... the Mysterious Creator action.

 Consequently, it should be realized that... "your life is not yours." That, to begin with. And one realizes and should realize through prayer!, as now.

"It's not my life."

.- Oh!, what am I going to do with my life?

.- Well try not to do "something“ or you will ruin it.

The self-centred and egocentric indoctrination of the human being has been so strong that he has not allowed himself to be rocked in the arms of Creation. It is a Mystery to know why Creation allows it, but it is so.

But at the same time it is like that!, we can realize –prayerfully- that it is like that because it is developing like that, but it is not really so.

 And it is not difficult to realize that my life is not mine!... I did not create it myself! Not even my parents: those were ordinary intermediaries... seduced by pleasure or partying or... drama. Who knows! And they put there ovules and sperm, as if they were the protagonists of the story, and they were just fakers who played their role. And so they are.

Because, who, who!, who decided that random genetic communion? Who? Was it "a game of dice"... with Albert Einstein? Or really -allow the word- "God does not play dice"? Not because it does not know how, but because it is not its style. He prefers something more... bizarre!, something more spectacular!...

Have you seen -within life, of the little life that can be seen!-... Have you seen...? You will have realized that the Creation, the Divine, is spectacular, it is bizarre, it is exaggerated... it is... it is...!

 A whale is able to travel... 10000 Km, without eating!, to have its offspring and mate, guided by electromagnetic waves.

What is that? But... who comes up with such a fantastic idea, so spectacular?

A mustard seed is so small that it seems unbelievable to become a tree so big!

Yes. It has never been thought of as a divine quality, "The Bizarre""The Exaggerated""The Brutal"... Billions of stars adorn us at night! And what is that? What an exaggeration!

Three quarters of the planet is full of oceans!... And only one, the "Pacific" –what a name!– holds almost half of the planet's water.

But what an exaggeration! But what a barbarity! For the four fish that live there, so much water!?

Yes. Add a new quality to the Divine: bizarre. As if they were in a circus and, suddenly:

"Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentleman, 'The bizarre Creator'!!" Pam, param, papam, param pampam...!

And now what will it do? And now what will it bring about?

Oh! For example, the Amazon rainforest PAM!

"Let there be the Amazon jungle!"

 Oh, those who thought that it rested on the seventh day!... It never rested! It was a strategy!:

"And let's make the orchids!"...

And let's say: "But, and this beauty, why? Why... why, why does it do things more beautiful than me?” -says the Snow White witch-. "Why, why is she more beautiful than... Sleeping Beauty? Why is she more beautiful than Pinocchio?".

 Ahhhh!... But that's nothing, compared to, for example, the life of the reef: the largest living organism we know on the planet. The coral reef. Who could have thought of such a barbarity? It is barbaric! It is barbaric! It's amazing, it's spectacular, it's...! It provokes envy.

Oh, if I were only a little coral!

Oh, if I could breathe under the waters!.

 Oh, if I could fly... like the condor, like the eagle, like the goldfinch, like the sparrow!... Ayyy!

The bizarre Mystery Creator shows us this way, suddenly, pá!, when it dawns... and calls us!:


And we wake up like that, because it's my life. And we wake up and:

 "Ah, I do not know what I'm going to do today. Well, wow! Well today... I do not know, I'll have to... I'll have to clean!". "Well! Well today... I do not want to travel!"... “Well, well, today...!".

WHY GO, GO!... Do something useful! Become a cloud of water, and rain!

This indolence towards life, generated by the human being’s sense of owning it!, is... "despicable". Contemptible. “Contemptible” is something despicable.

So, when you ever feel the indolence of: "Oh!, now... oh!, now... oh!, now...", hit your head on the wall. Hard! Until it resounds!

Maybe then, for a moment -by the blow and the pain- it will be discovered that they are not owners, that they are not private property, that they are due to the enjoyment, contemplation and complaisance of... the incredible experience of life!

Because if they call us to pray, it is to tell us how we can... live!, survive, live together! Survive!

And in that sense, we certainly cannot usurp, kidnap... all those feelings, and turn them into... routine!, into... -puah!- into expenditure!

And of course, as it is "your life", you spend it like a battery. It is spent, it becomes hard, it is becoming... old! Already, it has wrinkles! It is becoming decrepit. It is becoming... –ah!- unable! Unable to make a nest!

Of course! As it is "your life"... you will build a skyscraper or you will make a plane or you will make pistols. But always on the look for the most suitable place for the cemetery. Because it is YOUR life.

And between one and the other they will be convinced that this is life: "Such is life".

 And the father will say to the son and the daughter, and the mother will say to the son and the daughter, and in school they will say... to your sons or daughters, and in university they will say to the men and the women!, and in the workplace they will tell men and women: "This is life! You have to work hard to achieve, to obtain! It does not matter if you have to step on someone, if you have to kill someone! Such is life".

 And this, that and the other will follow, will continue as good oxen, but not for the goodness of the ox but for the irresistible inability or impotence of life -for being its own!-, and sail through the mud, through the dirt!, and they will fall one day and will be unable to get up.

 And everything, everything!, for having usurped, in consciousness, life. And have made it your own!

"You have your property. You belong to yourself! You have your identity card, you have your identity card, you have your passport... That's you!".

 Ah, but... hold on a moment: if you read your passport carefully, you'll see that it says that this document does not belong to you. It belongs to the State; to the country from where you come.

 It's not YOUR passport. It is the passport of the one who dominates you, who controls you, who handles you. You do not belong to yourself!

Do not let others own you, take you over... and develop the idea that it is YOUR LIFE. 

Oh! And everyone will advise you and tell you what you have to do, how you have to do it, in what way you have to do it. Everyone will know much more about you, than you know about yourself!...

You will be a cleaning rag. Hopefully, they will impregnate you with some super cleansing spray, and you will probably suffer a tumour or heart disease or an immune disorder or... -there is so much to choose from, right?-.

Not to mention the 'rough terrain' of personal mental convolutions and spirals of the experiences that lead you to the anthropological mental analysis and -bahhh! - boring, that justify what you are:

"Because you're like that, because when you were little, something happened... Babbbrbbaa..."

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Family constellations, psychoanalysis, existential analysis, group psychotherapy -brbrbbrbrbbrbr-... have organized the puzzle of your life. You already know what your life is. You already know your life: it's YOUR life! And therefore, by belonging to the conglomerate of slaves to their own lives, this, this, this and that will happen to you.

 Indeed, there is little chance that something else will happen to you. But it is because... "you have appropriated life".

You have not heard the bells...

You have not heard the mist of the sea...

No, you have not heard the language of storms...

You have not really heard your dreams.

You have not heard your opinions.

You have not given value to your points of view.

You really have not loved... not even by far... the amount of love that is poured upon you so you can say you're alive.

Yes. Still... miraculously! -"miraculously"- there is still life. There is still life. And if there is still life, it is still possible... to stop possessing it.

"I do not want to own me! I am the product of a Creation in love with itself or... I do not know!

When... until when will I leave the new decision to discover what my meaning is, what is my position? Without it being mine!!".

 Oh! How difficult is that! It seems impossible... It almost seems that our destiny has been recorded by Nelson Rockefeller or Donald Trump or any other millionaire who designs "our" economy. And as the saying goes: "So much you have, so much you are worth".And you cannot think anything else.

No. You cannot continue abusing life, please.

You cannot continue!... stealing life.

You cannot continue... kidnapping life!...




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