Today the Prayerful Sense claims Trust


It is not difficult to feel that, in this immensity of the Universe, given the peculiarity, uniqueness and originality of life, it is not difficult to realize that they are betting... for living. They bet on us, among other things.

A tiny drop –to realize the proportion-, is our system, in another drop a little bit bigger, within the Creation. It is like removing two drops of the sea with a dropper... Would it notice it? Probably not.

Would they notice? We do not know.

Would we notice, that two drops have been removed? No.

With this simple perspective we can sense, under our level of consciousness, that there is some interest in keeping us with our little atmosphere, our Van Allen rings, our special conditions, surrounded by meteorites, but not big enough to enter.

This is, in the purely physical terrain.

But nesting on this planet, and with this... amazing biodiversity, it seems -we could say we're certain-... it seems they trust life. And that means they trust… us too.

We would immediately have to ask ourselves: “Are we trustworthy?"... Or: "Do we trust?" Or, answering by saying: "No, we are not very trustworthy. And we do not trust much either. Our trust depends on our tastes, our points of view... on if things are as I think they are... ".

What a trust!

If the Creator Mystery had those levels of trust so... unsteady, life wouldn’t exist long ago. A very long time ago.

And if we are part of a vital puzzle –"of life puzzle"- and we have a task to fulfil –based on resources- it is inevitable to trust in the reason for our presence.

When exercising as living beings, besides the personal confidence that each one has in their resources, is it not indispensable... to trust? And, obviously, to trust in the complex living systems in which we find ourselves and in the experiences that… take place every day.

It is evident that "human coexistence" is not reliable, and mistrust is growing.

The Prayerful Sense warns us of the obvious and shows us how our own presence is a consequence of trust. So, we are reliable beings, by essence of our presence. And if we are reliable beings, by essence of our own presence, trust should arise in our 'being' and 'doing'.

And clear... clear up doubts and uncertainties, misunderstandings, suspicions...

And it happens that around reciprocity, in many occasions we lose the possibility of developing our confidence. Yes; because... in this disturbing coexistence, the one who "trusts", expects to be trusted. Immediately goes into business, rent, profit.

"If you trust, just trust. And surely they will trust you. But do not give a quantum - so small that it's not even a quantum- of trust, waiting for... a reward."

Good work doesn’t expect any reward; and based on this, it is done with fullness. And great are... the benefits. And great is the complaisance.

Today, the Praying Sense claims us trust, when a rhythm that seeks to renew itself, reactivate itself is manifested... and maintaining qualities, discoveries and reliabilities.

If the reflection of trust in our existence is expressed in "being" and in "the being" and in "doing" –the "reflection"- we could have a full life and full coexistence... of desire!, enthusiasm!, that removes cobwebs of pasts that seem to be there as... inevitable!

Open the door of the shut house of trust, to ventilate it!...

Clean up the junk and leave it empty; available.

Yes; because to the extent that we are available, they trust, and we trust. But to the extent that we are so busy that we are untouchable! Where is the reliability? Where is the availability? Where is…?

Any project, based on the Prayerful Sense of Trust for life and to life of Creation, must be a remarkable experience ... in every way!

And since we are in the "Transcendence of the Moment" and in the "Daily Progress", that evidence should be shown, and be noticed.

If our help is the Name of Creation, we have plenty, abundant resources to be reliable, trustful, viable, available… and making cohabiting a responsible, supportive complaisance...

When night falls and we look at the sky, many trusts appear to greet us. If they did not trust, they would have rushed upon us. But they are at a sufficient "respectable" distance, to serve as an ornament and as a testimony of life.

When the human satellites show us the luminaries of our territories, they show us the lights of each city, of each continent; according to its wealth there are more or less.

But… what is the light of trust that we beam, when that night falls in fair correspondence with the luminaries that smile at us, and trust?

Most probably, under this perspective, every night, when contemplating the firmament, we can see... whether we have been reliable enough and trustworthy to... decorate a bit the Creator Universe, from where we are.




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