Being born-Doing. Tian Universary


It becomes spring. And it becomes... by itself, regardless of our actions.

And it becomes like this... with the sense of serving us; and in addition to the decoration that it involves, the sample of vitality that throws on all the grounds.

It becomes spring... and we don't do it!

And what do we do with it?

It becomes dawn, and... neither do we do it. The light appears without any justification... And it awakens us; brings us to vigil.

Becoming dawn, becoming spring, what does it represent for the being...?

The Prayer Sense, with its call, demands of us to exercise our light, on which we are absolutely dependent.

Spring demands us to be born, the previous event that has been preparing that... abrupt expression of being born.

Ah!, to be born...!

"Being born" and "doing" may be the same word, but with a different sound. And if this were like this, as the Prayer Sense indicates to us, each doing –of any nature- would be a birth... With which we would be permanently being born.

There would be no room for a repetitive act, but always novel. No two springs are alike.

Consequently, we are beings of light and, therefore, travellers. Whatever the nature of light... it travels. And wherever it passes through, it is born! And at birth, it does!

It must not become stagnant, neither at birth, nor at doing, nor on the luminous journey.

If that’s how we assume ourselves, as traveling light that is born and does in its course..., the nature of that process is unstoppable.

And to say unstoppable means: "full trust"; means: "prompt decisions"; means: "steady commitments!"; means: "efficient servants!"; means: "incessant libertarians"; means: "everlasting lovers... always attentive".

And with those characteristics... what element can stop us?

Appearances. Yes. Appearances that can be let pass, in that nature of light –being born and doing... with full consciousness-.

If mistrust is insinuated, if indecision becomes uneasy!, if service is done... to comply, but not for dedication, then, the insinuating mistrust –of others and of our own- seeks to withdraw, seeks to hide; it’s born... to fear.

 And being born was spring! Being born was doing! Being born was creativity and permanent creation.

 The Prayer Sense emphasizes our nature –in this year of crossroads- for us to realize the fiction of obstacles, which become such obstacles when we stop seeing them as fictitious... and accept them as real.

But, certainly, the sense of human living has become a belief in appearances, in a sense of reality dominated, controlled –or overwhelmed!- by man.

The Prayer call is attended in a minimum amount, and the maximum attention is paid to the material, the article, the mandate, and the order: that which is sold as “security”.

Has not enough time passed, not enough events and not enough civilizations have passed, to realize that this is not the right direction?

Do you still aspire to be the king of Creation, the man-god of men...?

And under those perspectives of credible, real appearances, war is the most useful instrument. It is the only instrument that makes palpable realities –"appearances"-; but... events of breath contractions that, as soon as they are amplified in the Universe, cease to have consistency.

And in that war, today some people win, tomorrow others will do... In other words, everyone loses.

Is it a smart decision? Or is it rather a stampede of egotism... that leads us towards the omnipotence of man, and his creation –sic-?

The war becomes more or less violent, more or less large or more or less small, and... –and yes- it begins to be... the meaning of life. That is where we have to 'get rid of' the crossroads.

Because it seems that all humanity, in their collective consciousness, had only opted for war, as a means to... subsist, survive, outlive!...

And that is not the language, nor the posture or position of the Prayer Sense, that today awakens us with the spring light, with being born and doing as identities, with full consciences in services, in trust, in decisions.

That state of "against, against, against, against"..., that intimidates, that frightens, that defends, that counter-offends...: a synchronized agony that, by its general demand, catches… –tries to catch- the journey of light! Hence if we consciously feel our nature, the harassment of war will find no echo.

And there will be no need for walls, nor fortress, nor alarms... that constrain the flow, that scratch the desire to aspire!; of aspiring to be what one is: a luminous and fleeting light, in the Universe.

The combat offer is always available. And it is there where the prayer person must pay attention, be alert. Because it is the easy way of... "power". If, on the other hand, the offer of combat is denied –without it supposing a confrontation- and we assume a position of adaptation, with creative samples, as immortal beings without time, with nothing to gain because everything is vanity, with the consciousness of a constant and new humanity that is born and does daily, with an in love mood enough to have no lacks, with this we will be in a position to stop being slaves of time: an impostor that lurks, that squeezes. And the more attention is paid to it, the more dictatorial it becomes.

If we allow ourselves to be wrapped –and how much intention there is- by the dawn, by that act of light that loves us; if we allow ourselves to be perceived as that continuous vigil..., that is only hijacked by the inner night, to be repaired, to tune up, for a new birth and doing, we will be in a position to be servants in that infinite going, and in that "being" of apparent fiction that calls out to us!, but we have to be alert and to pay enough attention not to fall into that universe… which is not verse, which is not prose; which is… what should not be.

Interact in full consciousness, in which we have been before, and show!, show our intentions, and show the evolutions when we intervene, when we are as we are..., and not, as the imposition of a few wants us to be.




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