They claim us to be witnesses of an Eternal Act of Love


Given the conditions of this time of humanity, it becomes possible –through the mechanisms that the species has reached in terms of power-... it becomes possible for an event to occupy all the attention; all the attention of the majority of the species.

The levels of propaganda, marketing, media, the immediacy of opinion, make it possible that, with due premeditation, a fact that would have a rating of 3 or 4 becomes a fact that has a rating of 20 or 50. This means that it is feasible for the majority to react "as planned".

And this teaches us that the evolution of the species, through the domination of one over the other, has not ceased over time. And that power has been undermining –by its preponderance-... it has been undermining the development and the capacities of those who were subjugated. And so it is possible to frighten them, to manage them, to control them...

And as soon as we become aware of this situation, we realise that each one of the "whole" –of the whole, as humanity- each one has a share in these great events.

Perhaps the most exuberant lived, so far, by humanity. With which, we are in an event we would not say that is novel, but exceptional. And that should motivate each being, each one, to evaluate –evaluate!- their participation in that exceptionality.

Yes, because that exceptionality has been slowly carved out. And, little by little, each being has given way in his spaces of intimacy, of relationship, of thought, of feeling, of acceptance, of humiliation...

It is now the great opportunity to feel, in the face of the human, defenceless.

The degree of widespread corruption through the powers, also undermines people without power so they also deteriorate, and have neither ethical, nor aesthetic, nor moral strength, to claim, to organize, to propose, to opt for another perspective other than domination, control, possession.

The Prayer Sense calls us to the responsibility of each being, as a participant, in one way or another, in these exceptional moments. Which are not exceptional because their goodness says so!, but on the contrary: exceptional because of their disproportionate sorrows which, skilfully combined, give us a sense of disaster.

This level of corruption, manipulation and use can lead these generations to a state of defencelessness that subsists due to tolerance, permissiveness, criteria, and point of view… of the one who holds power.

Defenceless, with no resources to go to so everyone has "news" of other perspectives, of other possibilities. And when other sensations and other visions appear, they are simply ignored. They find no channel of expression.

And also, due to the exacerbated individualism that led and still leads to the idea that each being is omnipotent, omnipresent, and that we do not need concord, collaboration, solidarity..., except when this is exercised in pursuit of the one who commands, the one who orders. And it does so for one purpose: to preserve its corruption, to establish itself in possession.

Unable to see living, as a creative experience, it becomes essential when you want to develop collaboration in solidarity with the human environment and the global environment.

In the survival of the species, everything is still to be done.

And the Prayer Sense makes it clear to us that, under the reference of the human pattern, the dominion and control of a few over all the rest –and above all-, it is unfeasible... to make life a complaisant event.

And the Prayer Sense calls us, as an urgent need to reference ourselves, not by our own power –and even less by the dominant one- but by our position in "life", which does not depend –although it may seem so- on another, on other human events, but –as the religious exclamation said- Our Help is the Name "of", to refer to the fact that our true... our true dimension is there. 

As humanity, we have trusted our hands, our muscle power, our ideas, our hunts, our traps, our crops, our bombs... And those trusts, we can see –not only now!- that no, they were not reliable.

They were unreliable. They are not reliable.

And the immediate conscience is to "feel alone", without resources, with nowhere to go to denounce, protest, demand, say, babble... And, before the law, to succumb! 

Successive powers, from the smallest to the largest, have sought to control and dominate life, with a death threat… 

As if they knew the day and time foreseen. As if they knew... what body hair will move tomorrow, in the corner of the elbow... of some arm.

The event –small or big- that happens, is done by the disposition... is done by the disposition of the Creator Mystery! 

And man usurps that prominent role, and believes that his being in one way or another depends on... on him! His senses –and his consciousness- are overstretched. They have been educated and created to feel the centre of the Universe. "They have been educated and created to feel the centre of the Universe."

But... also "from-from-from...", the voice that preaches in the desert, the one knows that is called by the Creator Mystery, is there beating. It has been. It is. It has never disappeared! Sometimes it survives as a relic, sometimes its there as an ornament, sometimes its there as a courting, sometimes it is there as a social environment.

But the voice that preaches in the desert does so not because of its own abilities, but because the inspiration of Creation! Of that Mysterious event that inspires us, that gives heart to us!

No! We are not alone!

We can be abandoned by those who do not agree with your idea, your project, your doing. We can be separated, lest we infect or lest we convince "a". We can feel, yes, we can feel the human loneliness of those who were but they are not there, of those who believed but no longer believe, of those who loved... –loved?- but no longer do, because their maturity, their creation and their importance no longer require the bond of love, but they demand to be loved.


"They gave me the moon, the stars, the seas, the rivers, the birds... 

I was adorned with the entire sieve of the emerging earth, with resources to serve me. 

And instead of thanking, I thought I deserved them, and I understood that they were there to dominate them, to control them, and to take them over. Even my own species!”

The species did not understand that it was, and still is, the precious gift of an incredible action, of an instance that overwhelms us, but that calls us to introduce itself!, that calls us to warn us!, that uses us to scream in the desert.

It seems… that the time has come to reveal, to recognize our references, “our reference”, which diversifies in… a multitude of them.

It seems that time has come to recognize where our help is, where our company is. And, from there, tune in to every living thing. 


Creation was not made on the basis of fear. No! It was made on the basis of novelty, of the unforeseen, of the unexpected; about living off bacteria in the magma of volcanoes; inhabiting 10,000, 15,000 sea depths, with the elegance of luminescence.

No! It wasn't done out of fear, with fear! It was done with art!, it was done with care! It was done with... Love.

The stars were held there, captivated, and they became rhythm, fantasy... and they created poetry for us. Meanwhile, birds sang... we don't know what, but they sang. Not out of fear, but out of complaisance.

And the herbs sprouted in spring, giving us the lush green, while splashing the fields with the unparalleled beauty of flowers. And their perfumes attracted more life and life!, to expand it.

Nothing was done out of fear of domination or fear of living, but out of the joy of being and feeling. For the –unique!- experience of love... for having been gestated in the mysterious flask of the Creator Lover.

And in the face of this... can we really complain? Can we really become slaves or masters? Is it not enough to see how the stars twinkle and remain, so we, as a species, know how to take what they give us, and give ourselves in creativity?

We are not expressions of fear! We are expressions of joy!

Perhaps the time has come –yes, the time-, with the waves of "Love", to claim from each being –under the Help of the Name-... to claim from each being his disposition, his position, his attitude towards his senses, towards his feeling, towards the meaning of his going. Towards the direction of their going "to", "towards".

Perhaps the time has come to know –without knowing!- the origin, the immanence, the presence and the support of what we call "life", which is not found over there or in the corner or here, but it is in everything.

And when we are called to pray, we are not called from the stratosphere or from that strange place or that distant star. We are too! But we are also called from here, from the ground, from the invisible air, from our reaction!, from our dreams.

The Lover Mystery Is... Is!

And everything else is... because it Is. And nothing is and nothing remains, except for its consent, except for its Is.


We are claimed, through the Eternal, our life history. 

We are claimed!... to virtue. We are called!... to a sense of respect, care, and appreciation!

They claim us on Fidelity to the Revealed. They claim us, in the present time, to be witnesses of an Eternal Act of Love.

Thy claim us, now, to be the little flame that tinkles in a oil and water container... apparently tiny, without claiming power or strength!, but with presence.

They claim us for the goodness with which we have been adorned! Ornaments of enthusiasm, of harmony, of disposition.

They demand of us, simply, what we are!

They claim for us our heritage of Universes!

They are the hours that the being manipulates... and he puts them on and off. One more sign of pride, already natural.

Let’s pay attention to the call of that intimacy of Universes in love. 

Let’s heed those claims of willing doers of complaisance and of... knowing how to keep honours!, knowing how to be admirers!

To know how to give without... shame.

Hours... hours they are. Hours there are. Hours they claim...




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