There is an echo...


There is an echo - that maybe is speculated about why it happens- that repeats and repeats: “Redeem! Redeem! Redeem!”; as if one had to repeat and repeat what one says, in order to take consciousness of its true significance.

 Also, “Redeem! Redeem! Redeem!”, is like an echo -who knows from where it comes?- that… claims a different behaviour.

 “Behave in a different way. Conform your doing in a distinct manner. Don’t put down roots in the customs. Redeem! Redeem! Redeem! Say it once again to yourself”.


 Also -why not?- what I do, what I express each day, be it… searching for the creative unison, liberator, liberating… of this incredible Creation.

 “Redeem! Redeem! Redeem!...”   


 Ay! The loves are still lukewarm. It seems like they are missing steam. Nowadays they present themselves as –sometimes- electric, sudden…; fleeting arrows without destiny.

They pretend to fit them –ay!, loves- in established paths; in past and mourning experiences; in deep snores, without tiredness!...

Ay!... Or they are accommodated, and always tremble with cold.


 To lie does not cost anything! But, when it is done with the protection of silence, when it is done taking as an accomplice the Mystery, when is wanted to be used as something to fear or merciful!... then the lie becomes cruel! Yes: like the blade of a knife, it wounds inside and outside…

 And the Creation contemplates.


 The Battalion of the fears are there, always willing… to defend the what? What does it defend?

 It is proclaimed that “fear is free”.

 Fear is slavery; fear is terror, horror, drama. Each corpuscle of fear takes us away from the clarity; clouds our feelings; hits our consciousness; ruins!... our relations.

 Each impulse of fear… retracts us, hides us! We hide!... And, like this, it is tricked… thinking that it would be better; thinking that it will not be known.

 “Ay!... what a terrible decision. Maybe I don’t know about your fears; and, with those, your silences. But I do feel your distance, your escape, your discouragement”.


 The indecision was not,… was not the Creative intention. The mysterious evolution, was not indecisive.

 The undecided and random position is not of Divine Inspiration. On the other hand, the human being, with the eagerness and desire to possess everything -in this dual world or ‘plural-dual’- becomes indecisive. It does not have the certainty. It consoles itself with relativizing and that whatever thing could happen.

 It does not assume, as a creative element, that to decide is to “fuse our presence with the Creative Existence”. In which case, there is nothing to fear, because there is nothing to possess… nor to gain!...

 When the decision transcends… the security, the “best”, the exactness or the prize, there is no indecision.


And the sorrows, the depressions and the sufferings, hover around as if searching for sense!... And the being falls over and over again in its sorrows and its desperations.

 In these moments it seems like there is not anything more than to live!... to live it!, and to await that it passes. Will it go? Will it go… or will it stay!, with the vitality of anaemic insinuation that only sees the sad, the chaotic and the desperate?

 It is the moment in which the SOS –that calls “save our souls!”- comes in to form a part of our alertness and state of alarm.

 It is the moment in which there is no pact with the depression!, nor a pact with the desperation!

 There is the need… of help!

 There is the need of this praying help!... that does not claim anything for itself; that offers to ‘re-soul oneself’ to become sincere, to face oneself as a liberating being… and as a necessary intermediary of happiness and the smiles of the rest.

 Not one second, of abandonment! Life is not cowardly! It is brave!, decided! It has the breath of the Divine. It has the sustainment of the unlimited. It has the breath of the immortal.

 Not one second of abandonment!…

 Because, in this abandoning oneself, is the disconnection with the Universal, is the disconnection with the relational!, is the disconnection with the support, is the disconnection with… the enthusiasm!...


And the incitement to combat, to war, to subtle violence, as the most efficient way of a “safe” living together, is… is the necessity to renounce this systematic war, this subtle violence, this combat that shows to us as “inevitable”.

 The created, does not declare war on us. It does not offer itself as hostile; unexpected, yes, unpredictable and… with surprises! But it is easy to observe that there is no pendency, there is no wish of destroying, of imposing or obliging.

 And this ought to be our… reference.


The knowledge… the feeling… the perceiving… having the certainty that life is with us, in us, maintained!, sustained!, with impulse!, should be a guarantee of humour!; a guarantee to promote, develop, collaborate…




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