Re-novate, re-invent yourself


The sunrises should… they should be, the opportunities of new creations, of new emotions, of new adventures.

But, generally, inside of the being of this time, with each dawn it prepares, to be disturbed, to be angry, to become desperate…; and of course, to worry, to be obsessed… with the already natural anxiety, anguish and despair.

It could be said that it is… the front; that we are in two levels. One that we know -by deduction, prediction, by… maybe fantasy- that is lucid, playful and translucent. And another -as if it was a counterfeit currency- loaded with discomfort: anxious for the arrival of dawn, the dawn turns out to be a feeling of unease. 

The duties, the obligations, the demands, the pressure… starts to show. 

Thus, the species has done so, with that imposing demand! –of imposing- and the determined obsession to accomplish their own thing and to alienate themselves from the environment.

The Meaning of Prayer relocates us; it positions us, faced with the trap that the evolution has created, in a dualism between sanctifying and diabolical. And it is not about unifying them, but rather to recreate ourselves in a different Creation.

When we say that "still everything remains to be done," we ‘prayingly’ consider that we have to begin to detach ourselves from the fact that what is done is not new. And to make ourselves truly new, shedding the past fragrances… that in any corner create for us a false impression.

It seems that, in the typical daily greeting: "What's new?", we are asking for and recalling that we have to be new, and that it is not –it is not, it is not, it is not-, our position, the accumulation of incidents, of memories and hidden insecurities or dislikes that at any moment become abrupt! That is not new.

The con-version of the memory is into “the memory of the future", and not the chained process of recess, of retraction, which is like a force of gravity that anchors us to the past, and justifies our present and plans the future.

The suggestion of the Meaning of Prayer focuses on the realization of this permanent novelty –at the time of wisdom or knowledge- on "re-cognising", in the sense of knowing once again. And we now introduce a new wisdom or knowledge.

It is not a question of reviewing; it is not about removing. It is about "to return to see"… what until now we saw in one manner; and to look at it again. It is not a question of revising, of reviewing… 

No! It is to position oneself beneath the Lens of the prayerful contemplation of our being, our doing, our thinking, our feelings, and to give them the true dimension of a daily and continued creation. Not an accumulation of facts and events, remade, refried and, of course, vices, grudges…

And this is how we see that the years and years and centuries pass! And the same -modified to some extent-…  but the same requirements, resentment, racism or… any other type of cataloguing that in one moment was established, are there.

And the prejudices of the nations are there, the separatism of the Histories. 

- And this, when did it happen? And since when did this come? 

- No. This comes from… from the Discovery of America… 

- And since then we follow…?

- Yes, yes.

God only knows who discovered America!, but… it does seem clear that the Spaniards of then made a conquest. And from then until now -and this was in 1492, but 1492 is as if it were yesterday- they follow the same prejudices that then they had against the indigenous people. What luck that ‘Friar Bartolomeo de las Casas’ came to help, bringing black slaves that were more resistant than the indigenous peoples, to protect them; with which they made a beautiful pastiche that it is still there. 

Some, with suspicion and fear toward the conquerors -as if they were of nowadays!-, and others, with the contempt and racism toward "the ‘Latin-Americans’" or any other denomination of origin.

And the question should be asked: all that spiteful and careful amalgam of history does it let us see the light –does it let us “see the light"-? Or is it already a stigma that, except if a meteorite comes and puts us in another dimension, we are going to continue to manage? -these prejudices-.

And what can be said of the Spain of the Civil War, in which still… -but they are not burning embers, no- still there exists that residue: which was said by the "reds" and the "nationals", and now is said by the "conservatives" and the "left-wing" or… I don't care!, but it is the same…

Is it possible that the memory is only to collect waste, loopholes, resentment, and the natural selection of the species through the more trained? Something like that? 

And because of that there are wars, the daily war based on reminiscences, but that are active! And that are used the next day, of course, with: "No, if this one... you know, the Irish are…." "No, it is that the French. You already know that the French are…." "Uh, the Austrians! No. They are people not to be trusted."

And like this, successively, right?

And that, where does it come from? 

Oh! From the blessed History! 

And the blessed History, didn’t it rescue the beautiful, the wonderful, the luminous, so that we become all the time more novel? No, no, no, no, no, no! From time to time it highlights something, but no. What is interesting here is to see the insults, the perjury, the deceptions…; and like this a memory builds up of detritus, of battles, successes, of failures.

Of course, it is difficult with a memory like this… to construct a daily novelty, because the memory "thus" is going to remember that this is not the case; that we are conditioned by our prejudices and our criteria.

Perhaps it would not be surprising that the aggressive, violent and self-injurious component is like an instinct to erase, to remove what prevents the translucent; what prevents the virtuous, the generous.

It was assumed that the memories would be an incentive to improve, to overcome, to recreate… "It was supposed". But no. It turns out that the memories are grouped in models or moulds that are not going to bring something new, but they are going to bring positions of separation, rupture, the personal, selfishness, egocentrism’s... And all of them very sure, very accurate, without doubt, without… It's incredible!

 And the question should be asked: So, what was that memory worth to them… and those memories and those experiences? It was worthy enough for them to convert it into darts, arrows, bows; to gestate… not new memories, not new experiences, but repeated difficulties, again… And again!

"Ah! But you are doing the same thing that you did…? And do you expect that by doing the same thing that you did it is going to turn out to be something different? Because if you go back to do what you did, it will be the same as you did, to the power of two. This means 'much worse'".

Retain what is virtuous. Detail what is valuable. Select the successful. And, with that, perhaps gestate a broth of resources without fear nor prejudice nor assaults that the others did.

'Re-novate yourself', reinvent yourself, as an attitude faced with the providential suggestions that are shown to us every day, dispelling the stories of anchors, prejudices, of trials and convictions.

 It sounds like… it sounds like a call to eliminate the coin with one face or the other, and even the edge.

It sounds like a necessity faced with the extermination.

It sounds like, perhaps, that it is the time.

It sounds like, surely, that the time has come.




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