The Truth, as a Creative Entity of Life, does not belong to us


And humanity gradually, created its truths, according to its potentialities, its resources.

Truths presented as... immovable. But as time went by, they were changed for others that were truer. It was even claimed that the previous ones were wrong.

It was so great –and still is- the hegemony that human species established over life, that truths multiplied, diversified, and today constitutes a seesawing of certainties, which, one after the other, are accused of being false.

Those who have more power to disseminate, of repression, of organization, of media resources... win or are winning the battle of truth.

It seems everyone knows everything, and anything is unknown.

The species has been inbred –inbreeding- to such an extent that it cannot see outside itself. It is established as the beginning and the end of life. It considers other forms and ways –which are also called “life”- as auxiliary, as reservoirs in the best of cases. But it assumes that it knows what life is and how it should develop, without knowing for certain what… life is.

And among truths and truths of different tones and colours, consciences are stained.

And they are becoming... contracted... reclusive.

One species alien to others, because it dominates or fights them or eliminates them. A kind of “preponderance”, which establishes its laws according to the powers established at each moment.

Truths are established according to office models, and then evidence and justifications are sought to support them.

And without a doubt, the great architect of that position of truth is the lie. Yes, that position that disguises itself as “truth”, creating expectations, promoting... promoting freedoms –freedoms?-… sold, bought.

Truths adulterated by the interests of their protagonists.

The truth, as a Creative entity –among other things- of Life, does not belong to our species. It does not belong to our nature.

Truth becomes a mystery in human consciousness. And it tries to replace it with the thoughts of reason, logic, “proven” experiences or experiments (sic)... that “prove” (sic)... only subjective, relative situations; not, truths.

And this is how we easily prove that what is true for one person, is a lie for others.

And notice: praying is true for some –”believers”- and it is useless and stupid for others –those who do not believe-. And they make us fall into the dichotomy of believing or not believing, or rather believing “in”... or believing in oneself; oneself, as humanity.

The answer we see is obvious, as we said at the beginning. The choice that the species makes is to believe in itself, to believe in its resources, in its “discoveries”, and to develop a network of rules and norms.

Thus an enveloping… is established. Those who hold the power of communication, of versions, rank of “what is the important, what is recognized, what is the legal”... all of it establish an enveloping over the species; that, like nets widely enveloping a group, slowly bring the shoal from the high seas to the fish farms on the coast. And this marine life believes to be free. It believes to live as it should, and in reality it has been slowly fished and dragged... into the nursery of sacrifice.

The Prayerful Sense tells us about “the truth”. And under the sense of belief in the Creator Mystery –the giver of life-... it invites us to get out of that net. It invites us to discover ourselves as creatures that come from a Creative Universe; from an Emanation that is unapproachable by our capacity of consciousness... but endowed with resources to share, live together, respect, admire, collaborate, be sincere, devoted, give oneself...

If that's the way we act, and if that's the way we exercise ourselves, we'll be out of that net. We will contemplate the manoeuvres –some of them- but we will refer to them by faith, by believing and feeling that the truth of what is happening does not correspond to human capabilities; it rather usurps the Mystery, and considers it revealed on the basis of the dominion it establishes over the living.

Consequently... if we are in reference to FAITH, another reading –”another reading”- of what is happening will take place in our lives. We will be able to see signs and suggestions that warn us of another reality.

And before... before “diagnosing” ourselves of any truth, in any aspect... –social, political, economic, affective, of health, etc.-, as believers, turn to faith, the gift of life gives to us with its Mystery, to preserve us!, to keep us going.

A full confidence in our resources, that enables us to exercise ourselves in the liberating... And not to get caught up in appearances, which end up being evidence because the communion with the Eternal is disconnected... and one falls into the net of human truths.

And in communion with the Creator Mystery, through Faith, we discover ourselves to be fulfilled, cared for, guided.

 In the intimacy of communion...


 And consequently, making ourselves lovers of living, as Mystery; of living, with its signs of Love. To live in what is admired. To live in what is appreciated... with every breath, every hug or every bite.




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