To be born again. To give light


And from what we know of the rhythms of beliefs, cultures and civilizations, in humanity, each one marks certain moments: to celebrate the harvest..., the incoming of springtime..., the joy of the first snows..., the memory of the birth of the first child, the memory of the nuptials, the baptism of the warrior... We could mention numerous events... sometimes more or less small, personal, or great and communal. 

In all cases is like if the human community were given the opportunity to review, to dialogue, to talk, to rectify, to forgive, to plan, to pray...

It is a collective unconscious that moves the species to purify itself, according to calendars, according to moons, according to different situations, but in all cases it seeks for... VIRTUES: to become, at least for a few days, virtuous.

The Kumbh Mela, in India, is capable of gathering more than 15 million people in acts of purification, of coexistence, of rites, gurus... And it doesn't matter if they are rich or poor or... –just to give an example of incredible motivation.

But, in the same way, the arrival of Ramadan or the entrance of Yom Kippur or, in our culture, the coming of Christmas..., supposes an event to review, to revise... and to increase the Faith, to forgive oneself and to forgive; but to correct what is crooked, to recover what is broken.

If we look at the meaning of all these rituals, in all of them beats, initially, one word: TO BE BORN. TO BE BORN AGAIN.

It is like when each one’s anniversary arrives, and an assessment is made of what has been managed, what has been achieved and what has been lost, what has been forgotten. But... these humanities events mean a new beginning. To be born again.

To be born again with what one already knows, has learned and has lived; aspiring to a new being that is not sprinkled with so many disappointments, rages, impositions... and a long etcetera that "threats" hopes and ideals.

In our culture... -"ours," due to prevalence and arrogance with which it was settled, with which we were educated, with which we were taught, with which we were imposed-… there was no other information. And elsewhere the same thing was happening.

Religions took over our minds, our feelings. They took over our education. They penetrated even into our deepest subconscious. They made us all sinners, suddenly or slowly. There was little room for the righteous; little room for "the good".

So to say "ours" is to say "imposed", "forced", "emphasized", insisted"...

Without any references, without any confluences, each one of them became our feeling... and, with it, our way of thinking, organizing ourselves, sharing...

And from there, endless wars to prove which is the best way to be born, which is the best prototype of individual.

Today's Prayerful Call involves us in that birth with a universal nature. Without religious patriotisms. In that BIRTH that discovers us with some imposed characteristics, to which we have to give another answer that is not war, negation, combat or... ignorance.

If humanity as such, in its passing, was looking for moments to revise, review, reconsider... let us assume that rhythm under any reference: rhythm of knowing that at least, once... -in this case, close: every year-, we can remodel our nature; see ourselves being born again, without the conditioning attachments, without the obsessive demands, without the immovable fixed ideas.

Days or moments of meeting in prayer with the Creator Word... without a name, without a surname -but which have socially conditioned us. Let’s take it as one moment, but let us evaluate it as an opportunity. An opportunity of that BEING BORN. And as it is in any being born: new!, willing!, creative!, pure! Oh!... Eager for gratitude.

The human species shivers with fear. It glimpses its disasters. Doubts its resources. And aspires to death as a relief.

It's time, not just eventual, but daily! -but now we are moved by the preciseness-, to honour life, to honour its content and its capacity, to be amazed by its mysterious establishment, to warn us, in our lives, of the Miracle that happens every day... to sigh again, to aspire... and to play with laughter. And abandon the blow.

By being in this to BE BORN as we are… we can discover -as if we didn't know- that LOVE is what matters. It is the foundation. It is the transcendence.

 Without knowing... what it really is, but feeling as a reflection what moves us, it makes us leap to other moments of consciousness... in which the Universe becomes great and our sensitivity becomes unlimited.

That "being born again"... is a LOVING DAWN that, on many other occasions, the Prayerful Sense reminds us of, to become a daily leitmotiv –not by circumstantial imposition!, as we now accept and assume- that gives us another opportunity, theoretically greater or more amplified!... than the cultural imposition and custom that we carry with us.

But this cultivation of the LOVING DAWN -"born for Love"-... must be with us every day. And it's good that, due to the circumstances, to not enter into the continuous war, we must know also how to gather ourselves in this culminating year, which for some people will be one thing, and for others a different thing, but under the reference level, we have already taken a turn. We have been "enlightened".

Do you know? [1]Birth (enlighten) is the event that occurs when the placenta is detached from the mother's intimacy, when the being already reached individuality.

"Enlightenment". "Enlighten". And it well says: that in each of these moments, a new light appears.

And what we have to realize -and what the Prayerful Sense requires of us- is that every day we give birth (enlighten). It is our nature: to give light... in the dark. Now with another meaning, but at the same time, with the independence of having being born again... in this vast Universe in which... -we could say today, under the Prayerful Sense- "without a doubt", that Creative Mystery of dark immensity -Mystery- illuminates a strip of light...; a small strip that illuminates, that comes from that Creative Mystery. And we can see its magnificence in the infinite numbers of stars, insignificant before the darkness, the Mysterious.

We see the same proportion between our land and the water around us: an impressive disproportion.

And it is in that impression that we should be amazed of belonging to that Mysterious Act of Love... which is the appearance of LIGHT...; and, with it, which is our luminous contribution.

It does not matter to what gender we belong to. We are beings gestated to bear witness of Light. To give light!

If we devote ourselves to our feeling, if we devote ourselves to purifying this feeling by loving... and loving and loving, from the most insignificant thing to what we consider the greatest one... we will be similar to that miracle of living. We will be miraculous and miracle makers, and we will have the potential to transmit miracles. Of giving nothing up for lost. Not judging. And thus, widen up the possibility of not being judged. 

Love cannot be conditional. It cannot be subject to "parole". It is in its exercise, in its searching and in its development, where the being is discovered...; where we are capable of giving meaning -with our senses- to all art and beauty that "believing" implies; in seeing that birth transfigured; in seeing that death, resurrected.

And consequently, not to faint before constant threat... and the permanent warning that condemns us, that punishes us...

And giving another answer, in which living is a freshness, in which living is a discovery, in which living has no time, in which living crosses borders, in which lining lovingly dissolves limits... and becomes luminous... and we can contemplate ourselves in the stars!

Let’s not postpone... Let’s not postpone to another day, for later... the function of shining impeccably. Of giving light in a reborn way. To resurrect... 

And thus chasing away the desperate flight of death



[1] In spanish “Birth” can be said “alumbramiento”, which means to be enlightened.




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