The spirit of every day personal demand... often stumbles with the complaint… at any time. And this leads to a certain discouragement... and also to a justification to lessen the excited mood of every day. It also promotes the attitude of imposing one's own criteria, making other people’s criteria invalid.

As we can see, it is already a traumatic beginning of the day; psychologically pernicious. 

And the prayer warns us from it, to abandon the idea of ​​convincing, which is a way of fighting, of winning; let’s dilute the complaint or make it smaller; let's leave discouragement for later, for 10 o'clock at night. And let us hold well the spirit of awakening, that promises us, that illuminates us, that excites us, that give us hope, or... or... or not so much!, but there is a certain spirit, since... we have come back to life!

It is also interesting, to help this position, not to make plans for the conquest of the Arctic, while we are cleaning the staircase and the Don Quixote is translated into Armenian. It is important to be less ambitious. 

But it is also true that, sometimes, one is so unambitious that we are not ambitious at all, and everything remains as a walk. No. Try to self-evaluate and aspire a little more: a greater degree of kindness, a greater degree of responsibility, a greater dedication and a higher desire.

 Because... the joy of... contributing is in it!

 Because the joy of... the help is in it.

 Because... the awakening to what others bring is in it.

 Because in there, is the sense of our being; and to see it fulfilled, inevitably congratulates us and, in that congratulation, the humour and soul are exalted.

“A good day".

 If we listen to these prayerful considerations, we will also realize that the quantum we contribute with in this sense... of growing, make of our living a joy. They make of our judgment... an un-judgment. We stop judging. We begin to accept, with a creative spirit! 

And our interest and personal prominence... is diluted and merged with other interests. And so I become permeable, I become close, I become intimate.

This means that I shouldn’t strive to be honest...; that I can exercise it gently, without suspicion, without prejudice; trusting in my environment; knowing that... my contribution in all these nuances doesn’t remain here!, but it expands like a subtle surge, similar to the waves that occur when something falls on calm water.

Vibrations that arrive on both sides; that go inland; that wrap up life, like fringe.

 “It is true”. It is true that this is the case, although our senses reach... just the next room or the neighbour in front.

When the attitude is of contribution, of not convincing, of not discouraging, but adjusting oneself, of becoming aware of amplification... the Sense of Prayer transmits us the evidence -when we open up- that we are going to perceive a breath; a breath that pushes us, that promotes us; something that we didn’t realize before, or that we didn’t feel before, or that before we only considered...  ourselves, exclusively.

And with this attitude we can perceive... other encouraging sensations: renewed strength; an interested and common purpose...; a pleasant proceeding. 

All this... felt from within, but knowing that it comes from outside; that perhaps    -surely- it has always been there, and it is!, but it is seldom perceived… because rarely one is in that attitude.

Oh! To feel the breath of life; to feel the breath of life, coming from it, coming from The Creator Mystery that trusts! in our redeeming capacity... to be up date, to live with no pending issues.

To Con-sent, that is, to consent myself to perceive that Mystery Breath, is to assume my disposition... and my position as heir of Creation, endowed with resources, means, possibilities... 

When Consenting myself... hedonism and personal importance stop exercising... and the sense of my universal position vibrates. 

When Consenting oneself we feel that Mysterious Instances are with me and preserve the living, and trust, without doubt, about our endowments, resources and ‘doings’.

To realize that I am with! –yes- and  in!, now...

Completely... I consent.

To bet on the conjunction and mutual trust... is to concretize, in the sensitive experience, with sense, with feeling... that is capable of taking us so far, that it goes further than far away.

And, at the same time we feel unique, we feel fused… with the tree, with the earth, with the water, with the light...




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